About Us


We're from the east coast of Canada. Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

We came together a few years back, answering the call of playing some old school country, Willie, Waylon and the boys. 

We quickly realized we liked writing and creating together so we put together some tracks, phoned up Michael Phillip Wojewoda and headed to Toronto to lay them down, this was March of 2020 (cue ominous music) 

BOOM! Covid. 

Well it took us a minute, but we finished the EP, and we think it's pretty great. It pays homage to our country roots while blending all of our widely varied musical backgrounds into this thing...this thing...well, we've heard it called alt-country, country art rock, Pearl Jamboree, Country and Cinema, Prog Country (ugh) and any number of other descriptions that doesn't quite nail it. 

But that's how we like it. Big, unique, soulful and unexpected...yet familiar. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

You can follow us at all the usual social media haunts, which are all linked on the front page. We love making music videos so keep an eye out for those as they keep coming. And the vinyl absolutely kicks, so if you're into that it's totally worth it. 

Matt, Mat, Matty, Trav and Troy