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Left-to-right - Matt Brannon, Mat Budreski, Travis Flint, Troy Arseneault


Hot Mondy only grants access to this page for members of the press or music industry. Here you'll find a condensed overview of Hot Mondy with links to relevant content. 


Hot Mondy is a musical creative team from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The name Hot Mondy is a play on the french word haute monde (high society) that was tragically, but hilariously, mispronounced by one of our band members; and thus we became "Hot Mondy".

We love writing and making records and put on a hell of a show. We're anchored by four core members, typically perform with seven; but can rip a joint up with five if we're opening or doing promos. Like our albums, the live show is epic and full of spectacle and surprises. We're all in a place in our lives where we can tour and we play well with others.

Above - lead singer Travis Flint

Best Laid Plans

The latest album from Hot Mondy, Best Laid Plans, was born out of the extraordinary circumstances of Covid and the letting go of a past member. The result is an 11 song tour de force, with few comparatives in any era or genre.  It's a dizzying journey through the stories of our lives; reaching into different genres and voices to best serve the songs. 

The first single, Be Mine, came out February 24th 2023 and the full album will come out April 28th as a digital release, with vinyl preorders beginning about a month before. 

Be Mine can be previewed here:

Recorded at The Sonic Temple in Halifax, the album was conceived from the ground up to be an end-to-end experience. Juno winning Producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda produced, engineered and mixed the album. 

Some of the best talent in Canada supported the record, featuring

Loel Campbell - Drums (Wintersleep, Billy Talent, Broken Social Scene)

Kim Dunn - Keys (Matt Andersen, Laura Smith, Jimmy rankin)

Christine Bougie - Lap Steel (Bahamas, Donovan Woods, Sarah Harmer)

Bryden Baird - Horns (Feist, Jill Barber, Blue Rodeo)

Jah'Mila - Vocals

Christina Martin - Vocals

Drew Jurecka - Strings and String arrangements (Dua Lipa, Rose Cousins, Buffy Sainte-Marie)

Richard Underhill - Sax (Shuffle Demons, Neville Brothers, Dr. John)

Kwento - Vocals

The album will be available through all digital formats (MP3, WAV, FLAC) and a double vinyl 45 is being produced now which will have the accompanying visual add-on below. 

Soundcloud Link

The Visual

We have always considered the visual experience for our listeners and this album is no different. Each song has an accompanied graphic comic to bring the listener into the story in a truly unique way. This will be delivered as an anthology with the album.

The listener can choose either a digital download or a physical copy with the purchase of the LP. Totalling 48 pages, it will be a hard cover format with 11 stories that each have a cover, two pages of story and a back page. All pressed together in one anthology that slides into a sleeve alongside the record. 

To our knowledge THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE.

Imagine, a soundtrack with a book, a book with a soundtrack. We are reaching out to both the music and book industry to promote this one-of-a-kind project. 

Here is the supporting graphic story for our first single, Be Mine:

Our Values

We believe music and the people who create it are a precious resource. We believe in more representation, better remuneration and support for artists to make a living wage. 

This means we aren't currently participating in the streaming economy. We are solely available through Bandcamp and physical product channels; or anywhere else that demonstrably loves artists and their art.

Is this a missed opportunity or a story worth telling? We believe it's the latter. 

What are we looking for?

Hot Mondy has a desire to tour beyond our backyard and bring our large-venue worthy music and spectacle out to the world. We're looking for partners that want to help us connect with audiences, get out on the road and be able to continue to create. We like telling our story, talking about the industry and supporting other artists. We need support with logistics and operational noise. 

Our music is clearly well suited for movies, television and commercials so we are seeking support on the music supervising and publishing side of the landscape as well. 

We also value strategic partners and champions over pure funding. 

Looking ahead, we have at least two more albums worth of material written and plan to get started recording project #3 in early 2024. 

If you want to talk further, have questions or are seeking some content not provided here, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

We are not currently signed with anyone. 

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